LG Gram Series Laptops LG unabashedly rips off the Macbook Air, with an ultra-thin and ultra-light laptop that sports an even better IPS display.


You’ve always thought the Macbook Air’s slim lines made it the perfect traveling computer, but have been too invested in the Windows ecosystem to pull the trigger on switching sides. So why not just get a MacBook Air clone that actually runs Windows 10? That’s exactly what you’ll get with the LG Gram Series of laptops.

That’s right, LG went ahead and unabashedly ripped off the Air’s thin and light frame, turning out a laptop that should be just as convenient to travel with. Weighing slightly above two pounds, it’s, practically, negligible on your backpack, so it shouldn’t add all that much heft to the rest of your traveling stash.


The LG Gram Series includes two models: a 14-inch and a 13-inch laptop. It comes with a 1080p IPS display that, according to early reviews, trumps the Air’s display handily, with core specs that include an Intel Core Broadwell processor (i5 for the 13-incher, i5 or i7 for the 14-incher), 256GB of storage (128GB for the 13-incher), and 8GB of RAM. LG is releasing it under the Microsoft “Signature Series,” which means the OS should be free from the bloatware that tends to come with new computers. Battery life is rated at seven and a half hours.


While the laptops do look like dead-ringers for the Air, close handling will probably reveal the difference. As it turns out, LG had to make some design sacrifices to make it super lightweight, which included covering the whole thing in a flimsy plastic enclosure – a far cry from the Air’s substantial aluminum build.

If you don’t mind the plastic shell, the LG Gram Series looks killer for a travel computer. Pricing starts at $899.99.