Levi’s XX Chino Pants With jeans now officially "dad pants," Levi's is looking to attract the younger crowd with a line of contemporary chinos.

Everybody knows Levi’s for their denim jeans and jackets. It’s what they’ve plied their trade on and built their name on, doing a bang-up job of it over the years. With the Levi’s XX Chino, the outfit is pivoting to a whole other category and we love what we’re seeing so far.

That’s right, the house that the 501s made is now making chinos, too, giving you an equally casual but cleaner alternative for those days you’re not quite feeling like slipping into a good, old pair of jeans. And yes, these things look good, making them a legit alternative to your favorite pair of chinos.

The Levi’s XX Chino line consists of khaki pants that embody the quality of the outfit’s long-running blue jeans, all while sporting a fit and look that’s more in tune with the kind of trousers younger generations will be comfortable wearing. Yeah, because jeans are, basically, dad pants now. They even tapped 21-year old R&B singer/songwriter Khalid to rep the pants, so you can sing along to Young, Dumb, & Broke while wearing your new pair of Levi’s chinos.

Three styles of chinos are onboard for the launch: straight-leg, standard taper, and slim taper. The straight-leg is, of course, a bit loose and relaxed, while the standard taper brings a more contemporary shape that’s still roomy enough to be comfortable. Of the three, the slim taper, which brings a shapely contemporary cut, seems to be the one they’re marketing directly to the younger, Khalid-listening crowd, as it’s available in funkier-than-usual colors like jade blue and rose tan, on top of traditional chino colors like black, brown, and gray. The other two are sold strictly in more traditional colors, although they could definitely add a few more down the line.

The Levi’s XX Chino is made with a blend of cotton and elastane, giving it much-needed stretch to let you move freely as you go about your day. No, we doubt it’s as stretchy as your favorite movement-focused chinos, but it should provide enough support for most activities you’re likely to take on while wearing pants, whether it be fixing pipes in the basement, sanding a table in the workshop, or squatting in the aisle at the local Walmart to reach something in the bottom shelf. What’s that, you’re more of a Whole Foods guy than a Walmart dude? Sure, buddy. Sure.

According to Levi’s, the chinos don’t fit anywhere near their traditional jeans. That means, they aren’t meant to wear the same as your 501s, 505s, or whatever other of the outfit’s blue jeans you’ve stocked in your closet over the years. They ditch the five-pocket styling common on their jeans, too, opting to remove the coin pocket on the right side in favor of a four-pocket configuration. All three styles get a zip fly, a tapered opening, and a cut that’s designed to sit below the waist.

Want one? The Levi’s XX Chino is available now, priced at $79.50.

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