Level Touch Smart Deadbolt This smart lock looks like any regular deadbolt, all while locking and unlocking your door in a variety of ways.

Smart locks are great, as they let you secure your home’s front door in more convenient ways. Forgot to lock the deadbolt when you left this morning? Just lock it in the app and you’re good. How about letting in your sister who made a surprise visit while you’re in a client’s office? Just give them temporary access and let them in. Problem is, they usually look odd, which isn’t a big issue, but doesn’t quite sit right with some folks.  The Level Touch changes that by looking like a regular deadbolt.

Billed as a “refined smart lock that makes technology invisible,” it boasts the smallest footprint of any smart lock ever made. Seriously, it looks just like any regular deadbolt from the outside, all while coming with an inside housing that’s just a little thicker than usual. It’s so regular-looking, in fact, we doubt folks will even think you have a smart lock installed.

The Level Touch has a regular keyhole on the outside housing, so you can open it with a key just like all the deadbolts you’ve used over the years. Inside, it gets a thumb turn for locking and unlocking manually, with all the electronics hidden right underneath it, which is why the housing is just a tad thicker on the inside panel. Unlike many smart locks that merely fit over your existing deadbolt, it comes with its own locking hardware made of 440C stainless steel and strengthened metal alloys, so it’s a full-fledged replacement to your existing fittings. The outfit claims, by the way, that the lock is BHM-AAA certified, so it’s passed the highest standards for durability, security, and finish for a deadbolt.

Of course, the whole selling point is the lock’s smart capabilities, which it brings in spades. Aside from using a key, you can now open the lock using programmable NFC key cards, the companion app (iOS and Android), voice commands (it works with Siri via Apple HomeKit), and even by the touch of a finger. That’s right, you can set it so that the lock disengages when you touch it with a finger. We’re not sure whether it uses biometrics or it merely checks your phone’s proximity, though, but we’re guessing it’s the former. Additionally you can give other people temporary access to your home through the app, which will allow them to use their phones as a key.

The Level Touch comes with full support for remote access, allowing you to lock, unlock, or check the status of your door even when you’re away via the app, so you don’t have to go wondering whether you locked the deadbolt when you left in the morning. You can also automate locking and unlocking, so you can set it to automatically lock after a few minutes of being unlocked and even automatically unlock when it detects you in the vicinity, so you can enter your home without doing anything else.

The Level Touch will be available in four different finishes (only satin nickel is available now), each one priced at $329.

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