Leff Brick Flip Clock Whether set down on a table or mounted up a wall, this brick-shaped clock's retro mechanism and crafted enclosure bring a unique style that lends an air of vintage charm to any room.


If you use an analog clock for your bedside table because you’re sick of having to stare at digital screens all day long, then this Brick clock from Leff should be right up your alley. Instead of a boring clock face with hands, it uses a vintage flip clock design to create a stylish-looking time-teller that should blend right in with any modern décor.

Billed as “the ultimate heavy duty piece” in Leff’s collection, the flip clock is housed inside a solid stainless steel enclosure, giving it substantial heft while it sits on your bedside table, work desk, or living room side table. Don’t worry, at 6.4 pounds, it won’t require serious muscle power to move to another area of the house, but the ample weight should ensure it won’t easily fall off if you swat it when the morning alarm in your phone sounds off at 5:30. Oh yeah, you’ll still have to use your phone for alarm (the flip clock doesn’t have one), but it sure will be nice to wake up to numbers flipping like that for a change.


The Leff Brick measures 14.17 x 6.3 inches (w x h), so it’s quite the sizable presence, too. It uses an unspecified “precision mechanism” to handle flipping each number at the right time, with a case that’s welded and brushed by hand to ensure an exacting level of craftsmanship. Aside from sitting on your desk, the clock can be mounted up a wall using two included screws, with the power provided by a pair of 1.5-volt D-type batteries. It comes in three finishes: chrome, black and white.


Slated to ship in February, the Leff Brick is priced at $359.