Last Supper Varsity Jacket How would you like to wear a varsity jacket with a giant patch of the Last Supper scene sewed onto it for seemingly no reason whatsoever?


After a certain age, there’s no way you can wear something like the Last Supper Varsity Jacket and come out looking cool. In the meantime, you should definitely wear it as much as you can since it’s so random and awesome all at once. Wear it to school? Awesome. Wear it to a game? Awesome. Wear it to church? It’s the Last Supper, so it should at least be acceptable in an appropriate church.

Made by Facetasm, it’s a varsity jacket with a giant patch of the Last Supper stuck onto the front. Why? We don’t know. Maybe someone likes that final meal story from the Gospels or maybe they’re a fan of Leonardo Da Vinci or maybe they just had a chuckle at the absolute randomness of it all. I mean, I’m still chuckling.


Covered in a blindingly bright red color, the Last Supper Varsity Jacket looks like a rather regular letter jacket, except with that giant patch right out of Da Vinci’s portfolio instead of a letter one. The patch is so big, they even had to split it into two, ensuring everyone facing you will recognize the famous scene that probably also hung in their mom’s kitchen at some point in time. Construction is red wool and white leather, with snap button closures, a striped neck, striped cuffs, and a striped hem. Oh yeah, it’s Japanese-made, so that should explain some of the randomness.

While that patch is nowhere near a good replica of Da Vinci’s painting, the Last Supper Varsity Jacket still sells for a pretty steep $1,245.