Lampuga Boost Electric Surfboard Armed with a powerful electric motor, this electric surfboard lets you glide on water at satisfying speeds of up to 34 mph.


Electric surfboards are awesome, allowing you to hit the water on a board even without a good size wave to ride. And, yes, you don’t have to spend the whole time paddling either. The Lampuga Boost does other electric surfboards one better by letting you ride through peaceful lakes and coasts at speeds of up to 34 mph.

That’s right, you can go cruising along beaches, bays, and lagoons at satisfying speeds without a single good wave in the vicinity. We don’t know how it performs for actually catching and riding waves, but it looks like it should handle that capably, making for a seriously fun toy to take to the water.


The Lampuga Boost comes in two variants: White and Carbon. Both are made from a carbon fiber composite, making them lightweight and durable, with the latter getting an all carbon exterior for a more menacing aesthetic. Powered by a 15-horsepower motor, it spews water-shooting thrust off the tail to get you moving, all while running in utter silence to make for a truly relaxing ride.A twist-throttle and steering belt connected to the bow gives you full control of the board the entire time, performing in a manner that the outfit describes as both agile and smooth.


Like other electric boards, the battery is the biggest downside, as it only manages a range of 12 miles, which should be good for around 40 minutes of riding. Yeah, better bring a watch to make sure you don’t get stranded in the middle of the water.

Available now, pricing for the Lampuga Boost starts at €12,940.