KUIU Fairbanks Jacket KUIU's mid-weight jacket for fall vows to keep you warm and dry through the cold breezes and rainy days of the season.

With fall on the way, it’s time to bring the jackets out. Or buy a new mid-weight jacket if you’re not quite enthused about the stuff hanging in your closet. The KUIU Fairbanks Jacket offers a good-looking everyday option for the cooler days of the shoulder season.

Designed as a versatile jacket for your daily fall endeavors, the garment has a casual, unassuming style that should wear well for all sorts of settings, whether you’re going to work, shopping at the local hardware store, or having drinks with your friends. It’s comfy, too, with enough warmth and water resistance to keep you toasty during colder days, all while having enough breathability to keep you from sweating even when you wear it all day.

The KUIU Fairbanks Jacket has a shell made from a nylon and spandex blend, so it’s durable enough to withstand the daily grind while having enough stretch to give you freedom of movement. It has a DWR coating to shrug off the drizzles of the shoulder season (apart from keeping out stains), allowing you to stay dry even on the wetter days of the month. It has a heathered stripe lining that’s made from a polyester and spandex blend, providing breathability with being quick drying enough to not let moisture linger for those times that you do sweat when doing manual tasks.

Between the shell and lining sits a layer of 3M Thinsulate insulation, which uses synthetic siliconized fibers to keep you warm without adding the heavyset weight of traditional insulation materials. How much lighter is it? According to the outfit, the garment only uses 80 grams of insulation on the body and 60 grams on the sleeve, so it’s quite the lightweight addition. The use of synthetic insulation allows it to further keep water out, too, so even if the shell gets punctured or ripped, you get a second layer of water resistance shrugging all that moisture out.

The KUIU Fairbanks Jacket doesn’t have a hood, so while it can keep water out of your inner layer garments, you will need something else to shield your head from any drizzle. Yes… you might want to add an umbrella to your everyday carry in the fall. It has a bunch of storage pockets for stashing stuff during your daily activities, too, with a snap closure chest pocket and two zippered hand pockets outside, as well as two open drop pockets and a zippered pocket for storing stuff beneath the shell.

It has a semi-loose fit that’s standard for outer garments, making it ideal for layering during the colder days of the season, although it’s not so loose it looks awkward when worn with nothing but a tee underneath. Basically, you’re going to look good, no matter how many layers you’re wearing in your outfit. Other features include a weather-resistant welt-finish CF zipper, cuff coin snaps, and three available colors, namely olive, black, and steel blue.

Want one? The KUIU Fairbanks Jacket is available now, priced at $179.

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