Kora Xenolith Sweater Made from a blend of yak wool and merino wool, this sweater gets the former's better warmth and breathability while enjoying the latter's technical talents.


Merino is great and all, but when all your technical garments are made from the same fabric, we guess you want to venture out and find something else. Maybe the Kora Xenolith Sweater’s unique construction can earn it space in your closet.

Yes, it has merino wool. Unlike many garments that rely on the naturally-technical fiber, too, it doesn’t stop there. Instead, it’s cut in a new fabric that’s made from a blend of merino and yak wool, giving it the former’s vaunted technical talents while reinforcing it with the latter’s improved warmth and better permeability for both air and water.

Designed as a mid-layer, the Kora Xenolith Sweater is patterned after traditional alpine guide sweaters, giving it a slightly retro aesthetic. Apart from being warm, breathable, and moisture-wicking, the garment also boasts a four-way stretch, ensuring you won’t feel constricted, whether you’re collecting logs to burn in the cabin or running on a trail. It uses panels of Polartec Alpha along the body and at the top of the sleeves to further enhance the wool’s properties, all while packing down small, so it won’t take up too much space in your luggage.

Features include arm holes to enable full arm extensions, thumb loops, zippered inside pocket for valuables, insulated collar, and a 50gsm mesh lining. It’s cut close to the body, but should fit comfortably over any undershirt or base layer.

Available in gray or green, the Kora Xenolith Sweater is priced at $250.

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