Kootek Tactical Flashlight This tool combines a flashlight, a 3.5-inch knife, and an attack hammer, keeping you well-equipped to deal with a whole host of everyday situations.


If you carry a flashlight as part of your EDC kit, then why not make it one that can deliver multiple functions? The Kootek Tactical Flashlight does just that, pulling extra duty as a fixed-blade knife and an attack hammer on top of its illuminating function.

A three-in-one tool, it measures an uncomfortably long 12.25 inches when fully assembled, so it looks like a flashlight with an extra-long handle that will need to be strapped down outside your pack or kept in the main compartment. For that size, however, you get a pretty handy tool that can illuminate your path when walking in dark alleys, equip you with a self-defense blade for fending off muggers in the same dark alley, and even shatter windows using an attack hammer to break into a building when the attacker proves a little too much for your self-defense skillset.


The Kootek Tactical Flashlight comes with modular parts that allow you to put it together, so that you can equip the knife and the flashlight with their own separate handles. That means, you can use the torch in one hand to illuminate a candy bar that you’re slicing in half in the dark with the other hand, making it quite handy, whether you’re home, at the office, or in the outdoors. Features include a 3.5-inch serrated aluminum blade for the knife, an 800-lumen brightness for the LED, a durable attack hammer that can shatter car windows with ease, and anti-slip handles.


Available now, the Kootek Tactical Flashlight is priced at $19.98.


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