Kom Cycling RPV2 Full-Motion Rocker Plate The 2nd-generation of Kom's rocker plate gives 13 degrees of horizontal float and nine degrees of fore-and-aft motion for more immersive riding.

We’re big fans of cycling trainers. You know, those rigs you can swap in place of an existing bicycle’s rear wheel, allowing you to ride it in place. It’s easily the cheapest way to get yourself a stationary bike for your home workouts. The problem with cycling trainers? Riding a bike in an upright position the whole time just doesn’t feel like riding in the real world, where your bike will occasionally tilt sideways to support your body. The Kom Cycling RPV2 brings that rocking motion to your cycling trainer.

Billed as a “full-motion rocker plate,” the rig gives your trainer the ability to generously tilt sideways, forwards, and, backwards, creating an immersive experience that perfectly captures real-world riding. From speeding up and climbing hills to taking sharp corners and more, this thing recreates real-world motion you otherwise wouldn’t experience with a stationary trainer.

The Kom Cycling RPV2 consists of three boards, each one sized to accommodate most cycling trainers with a bicycle in tow. All three boards are stacked together, with elastomer spacers, rubber balls, spring-loaded plates, and bearing rails installed between them, allowing the board to respond naturally to the shifting of weight you perform while pedaling on your trainer-mounted bike. According to the outfit, it can tilt sideways a whopping 13 degrees, completely changing the way the bike feels when you rise from the saddle and step your pedaling up a notch. It can also slide forwards and backwards up to nine inches, creating an entirely lifelike riding experience. Well… minus the scorching sun, the speeding motorists, and the occasional pedestrian you almost run down, of course.

Those multi-directional motions allow the bike to move along with you, which should decrease the static pressure on your joints when you’re going hard in training to minimize any chances of injury. Along with the realistic riding feel it creates, adding a rocker to your indoor training should make it immensely better, regardless of whether you do unguided training by yourself or join ride workouts on any of the services out there.

The Kom Cycling RPV2, by the way, is the second-generation of the outfit’s rocker plate. In case you’re unfamiliar with the original, it consisted of two stacked boards that enabled left and right horizontal float. For this iteration, they retained that sideways movement, along with its 13 degrees of float, but added a third board to create the forward and backward slide that significantly kicks the realism of the riding motion up a notch.

It comes with 13 mounting slots at a variety of positions that, the outfit claims, were chosen to accommodate the most common types of cycling trainers in the market.  In their website, they list compatibility with trainers from Wahoo Fitness, Saris, and TACX, although the 13 mounting slots mean it will probably be compatible with whatever make and model you currently own. The rocker plate, by the way, weighs a substantial 66 pounds, while accommodating a total weight of 425 pounds on top.

The Kom Cycling RPV2 is available now, priced at $799.99.

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