Kit and Ace Navigator Stretch Jogger No, joggers can't pass off for business casual wear. At least, that's what we thought before we saw this chinos-style pair of tapered sweatpants.


Joggers aren’t exactly the kind of trousers that make for suitable business casual wear. It’s just not the kind of thing to wear at any place with any kind of professional dress code. That, however, isn’t the case with the Kit and Ace Navigator Stretch Jogger, a boardroom-approved pair of technical joggers.

No, it’s not the kind of tapered sweatpants that you’ll wear to the gym. Truth be told, they look odd for actual athletic use. If you commute to the office on a bicycle, however, this thing will end up being your favorite workday trousers, with the freedom of movement they afford your legs while keeping your business casual ensemble on point.


The Kit and Ace Navigator Stretch Jogger is made from a four-way stretch blend of cotton, polyamide, and elastane that ensures your lower body can move freely, whether you’re double-timing it to the office on a bike or finding the most comfortable position in your office chair.  That same fabric can resist both wrinkles and stains, ensuring it looks just as good at 5PM as it does at 8AM, all while wicking water to ensure it stays dry even on the sweatier days of the year.


Features include a tapered cut that makes it look like a pair of tailored chinos, a hidden pocket inside the left front pocket, a zipper that locks in place at any position to ensure you never experience wardrobe malfunctions, and inseam eyelets for ventilation. It comes in four colors: navy, army, black, and charcoal.

Available now, the Kit and Ace Navigator Stretch Jogger is priced at $188.

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