Kiriko Asanoha Socks Adorned with a traditional Japanese geometric hemp leaf pattern, these socks should make even the drollest outfit feel just a little more lit.


We love plain socks as much as the next guy, as you can pair them with anything without looking out of place. Sometimes, though, you want some more colors and patterns to bring a little flair to your everyday outfits. I mean, you can’t be in the mood for plain and droll every day of the week, so that’s when these Kiriko Asanoha Socks will come in handy.

Crafted in Japan, each pair of socks come with the traditional Asanoha geometric pattern, which can be often found adorning traditional Japanese kimonos. To the unfamiliar, it’s meant to represent the leaves of the hemp plant, which was a vital material during the country’s pre-industrial period.


The Kiriko Asanoha Socks come in four colorways: yellow and green, brown and navy, red and navy, and blue and white. All feature the same eye-catching pattern, which looks like it’ll wear really well whether you’re dressing up in jeans and loafers or dress pants and oxfords. Plus, you’re wearing a cannabis pattern on your feet, so that probably adds some novelty if you like lighting one up when you get stressed out at night.  It comes in a mid-length height, so there’s no risk of your hairy legs showing at any time, with each one constructed in a polyester blend.


Available in a set of four (one for each color), the Kiriko Asanoha Socks are priced at $58.