Keychain Duct Tape Use this keychain fob to keep a small supply of versatile duct tape on hand, so you can perform emergency repair jobs any time the need arises.


It’s easy enough to integrate duct tape into your EDC gear. Just find something to roll a reasonable length of tape around on and drop it in your pocket. Done. The Keychain Duct Tape, though, wants to make that just a little more elegant.

Custom-built to hold a small supply of tape, it doubles as a key fob, so you can treat it like an everyday essential that’s always somewhere within easy reach.   That way, you’ll always have some duct tape nearby, giving you easy access to the versatile makeshift repair tool whenever the need for it arises.


The Keychain Duct Tape consists of a short stick with discs on either end. Roll the tape onto the stick until it’s about the same thickness as the diameter of the discs, creating a cylindrical object that measures 2.5 x 0.625 inches (length x diameter). If rolling tape onto the stick seems too tedious, don’t worry – the stick is actually designed to fit into the chuck of a power drill, so you can easily roll a small stash with the help of a power tool in the garage. You can, of course, roll as much tape as you want onto the stick, although to keep it unobtrusive, they recommend a maximum of 18 inches for duct tape and 24 inches for standard gaffer tape. Construction is either solid brass or stainless steel, with 18 inches of Gorilla Tape in tow out of the box.


Available now, the Keychain Duct Tape is priced at $20.