KC Jacks Tradesman Dungarees With a straight leg fit that wears over any work boot, lots of pockets, and a durable build, these are the jeans you want when doing rugged work.

Yes, fancy $250 jeans are great. They look good and they feel good. Problem is, those jeans probably aren’t the ones you’d slip on when you’re spending the day getting greasy in the garage, inhaling sawdust in the workshop, or sweating it out under the sun. The KC Jacks Tradesman Dungarees should make for a better pair in those situations.

A durable pair of work pants, the jeans are designed for rugged field work, so they’re designed to give you room to move, while handling the rigors of busy job sites. Sure, it’s not as sleek as the $200 premium pair you have hanging in the closet, but we doubt you’ll feel free wearing that around power tools, sharp saws, and other potentially hazardous objects.

The KC Jacks Tradesman Dungarees are made with 14-ounce tight-weave bull denim, a cotton fabric constructed with a 3 x 1 twill construction, leaving it equal parts soft and durable. It combines that fabric with triple-needle stitching, making the garment even stronger, so you can load those pockets with heavy supplies and hang equipment on your belt loop without damaging any part of the pants. For those who avoid work pants for their baggier-than-usual fit, don’t worry, while these straight-legged trousers are loose enough to allow comfortable wear and a wide range of motion, the shape is refined enough to look quite stylish, too.

A steeper-pitched back yoke adds a flattering element straight out of vintage jeans, while a sculpted seat hugs your backside the way a good pair of jeans should.  The looser, straight-leg fit makes it perfect for wearing over any type of work boots, so you should be able to rock this thing with whatever footwear you like wearing when getting dirty on the job.

The KC Jacks Tradesman Dungarees has a low-drag hammer loop on the left leg lets you hang tools without any extra clips, while a small pocket under it allows you to keep small items within easy reach. If you’re carrying a hammer on the loop, by the way, best not put your phone on the lower pocket, since that handle could end up slamming on the phone over-and-over. There’s also a larger side pocket on the right leg, which is big enough to carry hand tools comfortably. All this, of course, on top of the standard five-pocket design, so there’s plenty of places here to stash your EDC items.

According to the outfit, the jeans are not pre-washed. That means, they’ll eventually shrink to around half an inch smaller in the waist and up to three-quarters of an inch on the length. Keep this in mind, in case you’re planning to cut the hem of the pants, which you will likely want to do because they are designed to run longer than usual for better work site reinforcement. They also won’t shrink to the final size after just one washing, so be prepared to watch them shrink slowly over time.

The KC Jacks Tradesman Dungarees is available now, priced at $59.99.

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