Johnnie-O Button-Down Shirts Johnnie-O's button-downs come with a hidden fastener between the second and third button, giving it the perfect V-shape with the top buttons undone.


At informal settings, button-down shirts are meant to be worn with the top two buttons undone. That’s how they look their best. When a shirt is properly ironed or starched, that unbuttoned top makes a nice V-shape that gives the button-down its signature style. Problem is, too many of us just don’t bother with either ironing or starching, leading to a V-shape that looks sloppy and, occasionally, shows a little too much chest. The Johnnie-O Button-Down Shirts change that.

Equipped with a small “hidden” button between the second and third buttons, the shirt is designed to keep the perfect V-shape when you leave the top two fasteners undone. That way, you can keep being lazy about ironing and starching, all while looking sharp in your button-downs, whether you’re at work, on a night out, or exploring an entirely new city.


The Johnnie-O Button-Down Shirts come with what the outfit calls the Tweener, a small button right under the second top button that’s meant to be hidden from view. It’s a patented addition that, the outfit claims, is meant to bridge the gap between being too buttoned-up and not buttoned-up enough, essentially ensuring the shirt maintains the kind of opening above the chest you want your button-down to have at all times. Yes, that sounds like such a simple solution, but the difference it makes is quite profound, as far as looking good is concerned.

From what we can see, the Tweener is integrated into every one of the outfit’s button-downs, both short and long-sleeve alike, so you get quite the wide selection of shirts that will look downright sharp when unbuttoned. And because the Tweener is hidden, no one has any idea that your shirt has an unfair advantage, so you can lie about ironing that shirt this morning for whatever joy that brings your way.


If you’re thinking of picking up some of Johnnie-O’s Tweener-equipped shirts, here are a few choice pieces we really, really like:

Louis Oxford Button Down


Made from an elaborate weave called queens oxford, this shirt has a slight texture that really sets it apart from regular cotton shirts, all while getting softer with every wash, so they end up feeling more comfy over time. We’re loving the seamless pocket, too, with the whole thing looking like a perfect addition to any casual office wardrobe.

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Daffy Button Down


From afar, it looks a bit like a denim shirt. In truth, though, it’s made from a blend of cotton, linen, and silk, making it an excellent shirt to put on during sweltering summer days. If you like the look of denim shirts, but don’t want to sweat it out under all that thick fabric, this makes for an excellent alternative.

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Prep-Formance Button Downs


Available in tons of patterns, these shirts are made from a moisture-wicking and wrinkle-resistant weave, making them ideal for travel and active lifestyles. And yes, they have that Tweener button onboard, so this thing will literally keep looking good no matter how much you move, sweat, and do physical work.

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