John Lobb Levah Sneakers Every male past college age can use a good pair of plimsoles for casual days out. The John Lobb Levah should make for a nice pair to keep nearby.


We like to think of plimsoles as the grown man equivalent of Vans, Chuck Taylors, and similar casual sneakers. You know, the kind you’ll wear for a casual stroll when you don’t want to dress the same way as the kids running around in their skateboards and Beats headphones. We believe every male past college age needs a pair and these Levah plimsoles look like a nice option to keep nearby.

Made by John Lobb, the shoes come as part of the outfit’s new venture into the world of sneakers. While known best for their fancy Northampton-made dress shoes, the company sure did these plimsoles right, combining the casual comfort of sneakers with elegant clean lines that feel like a by-product of their expertise in more formal footwear.


The Levah’s clean-cut lines are combined with either suede or velveteen calf, making them easy to pair whether with a pair of shorts, jeans, or chinos for a relaxed afternoon walk. With no flashy labels or detailing on the upper, they feel just a tad more refined than most sneakers, too, so you can wear this to casual days in the office without looking out of place. It comes in five tones inspired by Lobb’s hometown of Cornwall’s distinctive landscape: Chalk, Dark Iron, Moss, Aubergrine, and Dusk.


You can get the Levah directly from John Lobb’s website, priced at $670.