Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth Headphones Jaybird's new wireless buds aren't just their smallest, it's also their first with an all-metal housing, giving it a build that's both durable and elegant.


In-ear Bluetooth headphones are traditionally constructed entirely in plastic, as metal tends to have adverse effects on signal performance. That, however, isn’t the case with Jaybird’s new Freedom ear buds, which use modern engineering innovations to give the headphones a metal housing without affecting the wireless signal.

With the use of premium sandblasted metal, the ear buds should deliver a level of elegance and durability that’s not too common in the category. Even better, the same metal housing also works better at removing distortion, making for a pair of ear buds that should sound as good as they look.


Coming in a size that’s 20 percent smaller than the outfit’s previous ear bud releases, the Jaybird Freedom gives users a compact and lightweight option for enjoying their music on the go.  Designed for active wear, it’s combines sweat-proof construction, a low-profile fit that will never get in the way, and a shape that should wear well under any helmet, whether you’re riding a dirt bike, carving on a snowboard, or role-playing as a medieval knight in a renaissance battle at the park. Hey, we don’t judge.


Features include 6mm drivers, intuitive playback controls, an omnidirectional mic, a battery rated at four hours of use, and an included mini-power bank that can charge it for an extra four hours. It also has multipoint Bluetooth, giving it the ability to pair with two devices at a time, so you can share your stream with another Jaybird Freedom within Bluetooth range.

Available now, the Jaybird Freedom is priced at $199.95.