Janji Zephyr Runner Jacket This packable windbreaker will keep you dry while running outdoors during the quickly-shifting weather of spring.

If you’ve spent the winter training indoors, chances are, you’re looking forward to the nicer weather of spring. Sure, it’s still going to be raining most days, but you’ll, at least, be able to run outside without being miserable at every turn. Just make sure to wear the proper garment to keep the rain at bay. The Janji Zephyr Runner Jacket is built to do just that.

A water-repellent and packable windbreaker, it’s a jacket you can deploy at a moment’s notice for those days that start out with clear skies but end up with rain in the middle of your run. Whether you’re easing yourself back into a running routine or going full-blast after boring yourself on treadmills the last few months, this thing lets you hit the pavement and trails, while staying adequately protected through the quickly shifting weather of spring.

The Janji Zephyr Runner Jacket is an ultra-light windbreaker that’s designed to provide rainy day protection without adding any noticeable heft (weighs around 2.9oz, depending on size). It has a ripstop nylon construction that’s both durable and wind-resistant, so your jacket won’t drag you towards whichever direction the wind is blowing, while a water-repellent finish should help keep you dry even in the middle of a pouring drizzle. The finish is PFC-free, by the way, so it won’t release any perfluorinated chemicals into the environment like your typical DWR finish, just in case sustainable credentials weigh heavily into your product purchases.

As with standard windbreakers, it’s got the usual elastic material on the waistband and cuffs, ensuring all openings are shut close to keep as much rain and wind out. The neck is similarly close-fitting with a front chest snap that you can use to keep it affixed while the rest of the jacket gets unzipped during those times when the rain suddenly stops in the middle of your run, so you can stay cooler without having to stop to take off and pack down the garment.

The Janji Zephyr Runner Jacket comes with a vertical back vent that, the outfit claims, releases heat and increases breathability, so you don’t have to sweat doubly hard any time you have the thing on while running. There’s also high-visibility logos on the front and back, which should help make it easy to spot you whenever you’re running in the rain, while a drop tail on the hemline should help catch some of splatter that usually comes from running on wet and damp ground. And yes, you should be able to spot clean tail splatter on the water-resistant shell, so you don’t have to throw it in the wash every single day.

The whole thing, by the way, packs into the chest pocket and bundles into a rectangular-shaped pile that you can probably keep on your hip pack when you start your run for the day. That same pocket can be used to keep valuables secure during your run, too, all while making them easily accessible, since you simply have to unzip and reach into a compartment on your chest.

The Janji Zephyr Runner Jacket is available now, priced at $114.

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