J. Crew Fireman’s Jacket They say women find firefighters sexy. Maybe dressing like one will make you look a whole lot sexier, too.


There’s something about firefighters that make them instantly interesting to the fairer sex. You know, damsel in distress and hero saves the day and all that good stuff. Since you spend your days putting out figurative fires in the office rather than literal blazes, maybe you can make the stereotype work in your favor by suiting up in J. Crew’s Fireman’s Jacket instead.

Styled to resemble the classic firefighter uniform, the garment incorporates traditional details like a corduroy collar and hook-and-dee clasps, so you can look like you’re ready to put out some fires everywhere you go. More importantly, it does that without going overboard, so you won’t actually look like you’re on a rescue mission while walking to the office, shopping at the mall, or getting a drink during happy hour.


The J. Crew Fireman’s Jacket is cut in a durable and water-resistant waxed cotton sourced from Scotland mill, Halley Stevenson, with a finish and texture that really play up the firefighter aesthetic. It comes with two large pockets around the waist, both sporting snap button lids, so you can secure any gear you carry, firefighting or otherwise, with multiple interior pockets for your valuables. The garment comes in two colors: yellow and blue.

Available now, the J. Crew Fireman’s Jacket is priced at $228.

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