Ippinka Lift Hook A minimalist bike hook, this wood and steel rig will keep your mechanical steed off the floor while keeping its dirty tires off the wall.


If you live in an apartment and own a bicycle, then you’ll need a way to store it inside the house. Preferably, not on the floor and as out of the way as possible. That’s exactly what you can do with Ippinka’s Lift Hook.

A minimalist hook, it’s optimized for storing your beer-transporting fixie up on the wall vertically, ensuring it uses up as little space as possible while keeping every part of it away from the floor. This should allow you to give your mechanical steed a permanent dwelling even in space-starved rooms, making it suitable for installing in living rooms, bedrooms, and wherever else you can spare the extra patch of wall.


The Lift Hook consists of a vertically-oriented plate and dowel that’s made from a mix of birch wood and steel. To use, simply orient the bike vertically (handlebars up), trap a section of the front tire between the steel dowel and plate, and you’re set, with the bike firmly secured up the wall. It can support up to 50 pounds of weight so it should handle even the heaviest bikes ,all while doubling as a regular hook for hanging stuff on the other side of the dowel.


The vertical plate also doubles as a way to keep the front tire from touching any part of the wall, ensuring you don’t dirty it up after a nasty ride on wet streets. It comes with an optional bottom plate for the rear tire, too, which you should probably get since no one likes dirty walls every time you take the bike out.

Available now, the Ippinka Lift Hook is priced at $60.