Inka Outdoor Venture OHV Rough Ridge Trailer Set up at basecamp while still getting full access to your car with this ultra-rugged, heavily-equipped, and impressively-compact camper.


There’s no shortage of compact, teardrop-shaped off-road trailers in the market today. Their garage-friendly size and clever utility just make them a perfect match for a whole lot of folks. At first glance, the Inka Outdoor Venture OHV Rough Ridge may look like interchangeable with many campers in the market, but a closer inspection should reveal a way more thoughtfully-designed adventure companion.

Built atop a heavily-armored off-road chassis with independent air suspension, the trailer is designed for long-haul off-road drives, ensuring this thing can handle drawn-out abuse on rugged terrains. Measuring 14.4 x 6.9 x 6.4 feet (l x h x w), it’s compact, too, making it a whole lot easier to find space for than conventional campers.


The Venture OHV Rough Ridge comes with cool gullwing doors, enabling it to offer large entryways, apart from ably staying open even in the face of strong winds. It comes with eight cabinets inside, along with a sleeping area measuring 81 x 60 inches that can host queen-sized mattresses. Around the back, it opens up to a generous galley, with a 60-inch countertop, a sink with an integrated pressurized water system (includes 10 gallon tank), a two-burner stove, and built-in storage compartments for a mini-fridge, a microwave, and other supplies.


It has a 55 Ah AGM battery with optional solar module for powering the integrated lighting, 12-volt outlet, two 120-volt outlets, dual USB ports, and any appliances you bring along. Features include skid-plated water tanks, roof rack rails, 10-inch electric drum brakes, diamond-plate fenders, 32-inch all-terrain tires, and even optional weather control system for true creature comforts.


Available now, pricing for the Inka Outdoor Venture OHV Rough Ridge starts at $17,995.