Igloo Trailmate All-Terrain Cooler Igloo's all-terrain wheeled cooler lets you easily haul 144 cans (or 112 bottles) of beer across beach sand, bumpy trails, and other rugged terrains.


Weather is clearing up in a lot of places. That means, outdoor parties and get-togethers under clear skies. It also means hauling the biggest cooler you can find across sandy beaches and bumpy trails, which isn’t always the most convenient thing. If you want to make your trek to the party just a little less daunting, trade in the regular cooler for Igloo’s brand new Trailmate.

Billed as the “ultimate all-terrain wheeled cooler,” it’s designed to run smoothly over sandy, grassy, and bumpy terrains, allowing you to haul it with the same ease you tow the Igloo Party Bar to the neighbor’s backyard. Whether you’re enjoying the clear weather at a beach, a festival ground, or a backwoods camping spot, this thing should make hauling a large supply of food and beverages a whole lot easier.


The Igloo Trailmate Cooler has a 70-quart capacity, giving it enough room to fit either 112 bottles or 144 cans of your favorite beverages. With Ultratherm insulation and a design that elevates the cooler away from hot surfaces, it boasts ice retention up to four days, while oversized 10-inch wheels that never go flat ensure it handily clears any obstacle a terrain presents its way. It works in all climates, too, with marine-grade, rust-resistant construction, ensuring it will prove itself useful well beyond the summer months.

Features include a telescoping handle for even easier towing, a suspended interior basket for holding cold food items, a serving tray that can be stored under the lid when not in use, tie-down loops for attaching extra gear to the cooler, two integrated bottle openers, and four drink holders molded onto the lid. It measures 23.6 x 34.6 x 19.7 inches (h x l x w).

Available now, the Igloo Trailmate is priced at $275.