Igloo Party Bar The ultimate outdoor party tub, this fully-insulated cooler comes with room for 220 cans, 360-degree LED lighting, and four casters for easy mobility.


Outdoor parties may no longer be à la mode in the coming colder months, but we doubt you’ll be hard-pressed to keep finding uses for the Igloo Party Bar. With its massive size, classic looks, and party-ready features, it’s easily the perfect cooler to fuel any celebration all year round. Unless, of course, you’re afraid of flooding the kitchen floors, in which case, just keep it outside right by the back door (or the fire escape window).

Styled to look like the beer chests from traditional Texas icehouses, it immediately gives any party that nostalgic open-air saloon vibe. More than mere aesthetics, though, this cooler is duly-equipped to service every merry-making need.


Able to fit up to 212 beer cans, the Igloo Party Bar is sized to hold as many drinks as your festivities require, ensuring you won’t be running out of cold beverages at inopportune times. A fully-insulated body guarantees long-lasting ice retention, whether you keep the lid on or take it off for an even more authentic Texas icehouse feel. Partying in the dark? Not a problem, since it comes with 16 water-resistant, heat-free LEDs that provide 360-degree lighting right on the interior, ensuring your drinks will glow like a glittering oasis even in pitch-black conditions.


Features include removable dividers for separating different types of drinks, a removable wine caddy, an integrated bottle opener with a catch bin, utility loops (for hanging towels or trash bins), and heavy-duty handles. It even comes with a detachable base with four locking casters, so you can easily drag it around from spot to spot, allowing the drinks to move along with the rest of the party.

Available now, the Igloo Party Bar is priced at $180.