Hyperlite Mountain Gear G.O.A.T. Tote How do you make a tote the GOAT tote? Keep it simple and use the best material you can find. That's exactly what they did here.

We love totes. They’re extremely simple, highly-functional, and absolutely perfect for carrying a mish-mash of gear. You know… like the kind of stuff you carry for an afternoon at the beach.  The Hyperlite Mountain Gear G.O.A.T. Tote embraces the bag’s minimalist qualities, while reinforcing it with rugged materials to handle everything the elements can throw its way.

That’s right, they’re declaring this tote the absolute GOAT. Which, naturally, brings up the question about its rightful GOAT status. Is it really the best tote bag ever made? We don’t know. Having been exposed to plenty of “tote” bags that redesigned the minimalist classic so much they barely looked like totes anymore, though, we do appreciate the fact that they kept things simple as can be. Is it enough for GOAT? Well… we’ll leave that up to you.

The Hyperlite Mountain Gear G.O.A.T. Tote is a boxy-shaped tote bag with a wide open top, a pair of carry handles, and a catch-all interior where you can just dump all the stuff you’re carrying to the beach, picnic, or backyard barbecue. While most totes are made from flimsy materials, this one comes dressed in 150-denier Dyneema fabric, that composite laminate that’s long been bandied as being 15 times stronger than steel, so this thing should hold up to heavy loads, rough handling, and any imaginable hazards it can encounter along the way. It’s 100 percent waterproof, too, so you can set it down on wet surfaces without soaking your gear in whatever gross liquids lay there.

It comes in two sizes: regular and large. The regular measures 14 x 14 x 8 inches (height x width x depth) and comes with 23 liters of volume capacity, while the large measures 17 x 18 x 7 inches and comes with 31 liters of room. It’s freestanding, stores flat, and can be hand-washed for cleaning. Other features include external loops on the handles (for gear attachments) and an internal zippered pocket for valuables.

The Hyperlite Mountain Gear G.O.A.T. Tote is available now, priced starting at $99.

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