Hyperice Hypervolt Plus Hyperice's newest percussion massage tools brings 30 percent more power, allowing it to dig harder into your muscles to really hit the deep tissues.


From relaxing your muscles and treating muscle pains to helping speed up your recovery from workouts, handheld massagers can add a whole lot of benefits to your training regimen. Short of hiring a professional to give you deep tissue massages any time you want one, there’s nothing else that can give you the same benefits in such a short amount of time (those balls and rollers just aren’t that efficient). And Hyperice released one of the best with the Hypervolt last year. This year, they make it even better in the form of the Hyperice Hypervolt Plus.

Like its predecessor, it’s a percussion massage tool that’s compact enough to both fit in one hand and easily squeeze into your gym bag, so you can put it to work on any muscle part that feels tight or sore at absolutely any time. Want to use it to loosen up before working out? Just take it out of the bag and get to work. How about post-workout to alleviate soreness and improve blood flow? Yes, that does the trick, too. Simply put, the device’s portability makes it easy to keep accessible at all times.


The Hyperice Hypervolt Plus has a form that’s exactly like its predecessor, with only the finish setting one apart from the other (the Plus has a black matte coating), so using it should be familiar enough to anyone who’s previous gotten their hand on the popular percussion massager. While both look nearly identical, the Plus is more powerful, sporting hardware that’s 30 percent more intense, allowing it to dig harder into your muscles to really hit the deep tissues. Suffice to say, if the high setting in the previous model still leaves you wanting more when working on large muscle parts, this thing should bring enough of a boost that it just might give you what you need.

It has three massage settings: low, medium, and high. The low is, naturally, for smaller muscles, like your calves and shoulders, while the higher setting should handle larger muscles like glutes, hamstrings, and quads, using either the medium or high, depending on the intensity the muscle requires.


While it has a more powerful motor, the Hyperice Hypervolt Plus retains the quiet operation of its predecessor, boasting a sound that’s equivalent to an electric toothbrush when set at the lowest setting. Obviously, it’s a little louder when using either medium or high, but it should still perform a lot quieter than similar products in the market. It also retains the built-in pressure sensor, which provides instant feedback to the device, allowing it to adjust its performance on the fly to provide more accurate therapeutic sessions.


It comes with five swappable heads, each one providing different pressure and stimulation, allowing you to change the kind of massage it delivers. There’s one with a two-inch sphere on the tip, one with an arrow-shaped nub, one with two spheres on individual prongs, one with a hammer tip, and one with a wide arrow form. It comes with a rechargeable battery rated at over two hours of use between charges.

The Hyperice Hypervolt Plus will be available mid-August, priced at $449.

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