Hylete Icon 6-in-1 Backpack Quite possibly the most versatile bag we've seen, this backpack can transform into six different bags with two different sizes.


Our favorite bags are those that can serve multiple functions, making them handy for a whole lot of situations. The Hylete Icon 6-in-1, however, goes above and beyond the versatile front, as it’s able to convert into six different bags of varying sizes and function.

Yep, six different bags. It achieves that by actually consisting of two different backs, one big and one small, that you can carry separately. The magic, however, comes from being able to combine the two packs in a variety of ways, essentially turning them into one large bag for those times you need to carry a whole lot more gear.


The Hylete Icon 6-in-1 consists of a 40 liter backpack and a 20 liter backpack, with a design that allows you to use the latter as an extension of the former, creating a longer and roomier 60-liter bag. And, yes, you can access each compartment separately for better organizing your gear, all while carrying them as a single bag for more convenient handling. A compartment on the back allows you to hide the backpack straps and use a duffle strap instead, which is supported whether in individual or combined form.


Seriously, there’s no other bag that offers this much versatility in carrying options. Construction is dual-face 600-denier TPU, by the way, so this should stand up nicely to everyday abuse.


Available now, the Hylete Icon 6-in-1 is priced at $250.

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