Howler Brothers ATX Work Pants These pants pair the toughness of work pants with the comfort of well-worn jeans, with just enough stretch to let you pose in any way you want.


Most of us work in offices where the most physical thing we do is reach into the back of a monitor and a desktop to plug in an HDMI cable. That’s why we take up hobbies that are grittier, dirtier, and more physical than our everyday routine. The Howler Brothers ATX Pants are designed to be worn during those activities.

Described as trousers that “strike a balance between the comfort of a well-worn pair of jeans and the toughness of traditional workwear,” the garment should keep your legs well protected without cramping on your style. Whether you’re roughing it out at the campsite, restoring a vintage in the garage, or landscaping your new home’s jungle of a backyard, this thing will provide the necessary support to let you get all tasks done while keeping your legs protected from start to end.


The Howler Brothers ATX Work Pants is made from heavy-duty brushed cotton twill with a small amount of stretch, allowing you to plop down on your behind, get down on your knees, and pose in a variety of awkward positions without any difficulty. Just enough stretch, by the way, to let you do all that while still being as hardwearing as any pair of work pants require. It comes in a straight leg fit, which leaves it loose enough for mobility while looking sufficiently sharp, apart from allowing you to fold it pretty high when you’re adventuring around the water.

For extra freedom of movement, they throw in a crotch gusset, so you can perform splits if you’re feeling like joining a dance class in these pants (hey, guys dance, too), while knee and kick plate panels provide extra protection at vulnerable sections of your lower body, all of which are made from reinforced cotton canvas, so it affects neither the pants’ shape nor its styling. So, yeah, these pants provide the same mobility and toughness as any work pants, albeit with the supposed comfort of a beloved pair of jeans.


The Howler Brothers ATX Work Pants comes with standard slit pockets on the side (no tiny one for coins, though), as well as stitched-on back pockets with heavy-duty metal snap closures for securing any item you stash inside. We’re loving those back pockets, by the way, especially with the snap buttons at the middle, which makes them quite the great place to stash hand tools that you need to carry when executing any task. Rounding it out is a YKK zipper on the fly and a button closure on top.


The pants, which are available in three colors (black, fatigue, and khaki), are part of a capsule lineup that the outfit and Huckberry jointly released called The North Coast Jungle Collection. It’s been released alongside a few other notable pieces, including several button-downs, a couple of jackets, and even a sweet-looking vest, most of which you can see in the product photos on the page.

Want a pair? The Howler Brothers ATX Work Pants is available now, priced at $99.

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