Howler Bros. Harkers Flannel The Harkers Flannel from Howler Bros. keeps it simple and traditional, with just enough subtle touches to give it a unique vibe.


From being the quintessential mountain man shirt to being the uniform of 90s grunge to being associated with hipster culture, the flannel shirt has been through a lot. None of that changes the fact that it’s such a comfy thing to have around when the chilly winds are afoot. We just had a peek at the Howler Brothers Fall 2015 collection and, I have to admit, I’m totally taken by the Harkers Flannel they got on the roster.

A staple of Howler’s fall line, this same design is actually one of their bestsellers from last year. And I get why. It looks great, has a killer cut, and brings a nice selection of colors to boot – perfect for the first or second garment in your inevitable layering outfits for the coming months.


Rather than dress it up into something fancy, Howler is keeping the Harkers Flannel simple and traditional, with just enough subtle touches to give it a unique vibe. Those include a single button-through flap pocket on the left chest, reinforced elbow patches, contrast stitching, and custom metal buttons. There’s also a different yoke on the right shoulder to make it easier for people to stalk game when they’re wearing the shirt while hunting (provided you’re right-handed, of course). Made from a cotton-polyester blend, it comes in two plaid styles and four colors.


Available directly from Howler Bros., the Harkers Flannel is priced at $85.