Henry’s Hard Sodas

A beer is great when you want to kick back, unwind, and relieve the stresses of the day. For those nights you need a sugar fix to go along with that, MillerCoors' alcoholic soda drinks could make for a more refreshing alternative.

OMA Imperia Speakers

Standing over seven feet tall, OMA's "ultimate speaker" combines a sturdy metal frame with two large wooden conical horns in front and two smaller aluminum horn woofers in the back to match its outstanding sound with a similarly overwhelming style.

Cube Glass

This freezer-safe glass comes with solid glass cubes fused at the bottom of the drinking vessel, so you can look like you're enjoying your nightcap with ice without having to dilute your libations with actual frozen water.

David & Leily Whisky Glass

Combining elements from the whiskey tumbler and the bourbon snifter, David & Leily's new glass design lets you enjoy your aged brown spirit's full-bodied aroma while being perfectly comfortable to keep in hand.

LG PF1000U Ultra-Short Throw LED Projector

Making projectors more convenient than ever, LG's latest ultra-short throw model needs to be placed just five inches from the wall to project a 60-inch 1080p image. Put it at 15 inches away to stretch that to a whopping 100-inch display.

LG 77-Inch G6 Signature OLED TV

How thin can TVs get? Very thin, as LG shows in their newest OLED panel, which boasts full ultra-HD resolution, HDR support, and an expanded color palette while measuring just 2.57mm in thickness.

Pantelligent Connected Frying Pan

A smart frying pan, the Pantelligent works with an accompanying app to tell you when to adjust the heat, flip the meat over, or add new ingredients, ensuring every meal you cook tastes good, regardless of your actual kitchen skillset.

Gladiator 3-Foot Mobile Workstation

Gladiator's heavy-duty mini-workbench can support weights of up to 600 pounds, while its compact and mobile design allows it to be moved anywhere in the house to serve a variety of workhorse tasks.

Two-Stroke Smoke Candle

Scented candles may not be the most manly thing, but Flying Tiger Motorcycles' version of one includes two-stroke oil in its list of ingredients, allowing it to fill any room in the house with the aroma of a bustling garage.

TT Mojito Trunk

Named after the minty Cuban cocktail, this trunk is designed to serve as the perfect portable home bar, letting you organize a complete set of bartending supplies in an erstwhile inconspicuous box.

Aqua R2-D2 Mini Fridge

Future robots may be more awesome than an R2-D2 that beeps, bloops, and follows you around, while also refrigerating a six-pack of beer in his belly, ready to quench your thirst at any time. For now, though, it's as awesome as it probably gets.

Kenyon Revolution Grill

Char your steaks indoors when unfavorable weather arrives with Kenyon's electric grill, which comes with a 155-square inch cooking area, so you can make enough burgers to feed a hungry group of six (or more) in just a single batch.

Benchmark Planks Collection Bench

It’s hard to imagine a better seating furniture for those areas of the house where you roll up your sleeves, grab a hand tool, and get both hands dirty than this simple and utilitarian wooden bench from Benchmark.

Best Made Co. Weather Station

This heirloom-looking weather station makes reading the temperature and relative humidity as simple as it gets, with a gauge that tells you in plain English whether it's too hot, too humid, or just right outside.

Cor Surf Roll-Rack

If you keep surfboards, SUP boards, and kayaks anywhere in the garage, wouldn't you rather have them mounted up the ceiling where they're completely out of the way? That's what this storage solution does.

Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 90

Yes, it looks like a geometric alien life form, but B&O's 90th anniversary model is actually an 18-driver speaker with 18 amplifiers pumping out 8,200 watts. So, yeah, it might as well be a geometric alien life form.

Igloo Party Bar

The ultimate outdoor party tub, this fully-insulated cooler comes with room for up to 220 cans of beer, 360-degree LED lighting on the interior for nighttime visibility, and a base with casters for easy mobility.

Bose SoundTouch 10 Speaker

The smallest speaker in Bose's SoundTouch line, it brings big sound in a compact and affordable package, making it ideal for filling smaller rooms with your favorite current hits, timeless classics, and guilty listening pleasures.