Hook & Albert’s All-Black Carry-On Luggage Has An Integrated Garment Bag For Keeping Suits Wrinkle-Free This carry-on luggage has an integrated garment bag for keeping suits looking dapper and wrinkle-free.


It looks like any carry-on luggage – big enough to pack the essentials, compact enough to stow in the overhead bin, and equipped with casters for easily dragging on the way to the terminal. Except, the Hook & Albert Black Garment Luggage Carry-On can also keep your most important clothing items wrinkle-free, so travelers can wear that special three-piece suit straight out of the bag without having to do any extra work.

Billed as the “premier solution for traveling with your most valuable garments,” the luggage comes with an integrated suit bag, giving you a designated space for any clothing items you want to keep wrinkle-free. Whether you’re carrying designer shirts, some dapper tailored suits, or an expensive dress your wife is wearing for a special occasion, this thing lets you keep them looking sharp on your carry-on, ensuring they’re with you at all times.


The Hook & Albert Black Garment Luggage Carry-On integrates the garment bag right on the luggage’s side walls, essentially making it wrap around the travel bag’s body to keep it straightened out the entire time. The garment compartment comes with loops at the top for securing the bundled hanger, while a zippered closure makes it easy to take out what’s inside. Just make sure to remove the rest of the luggage’s contents first before opening the garment bag, since whatever you got on there can weigh it down, making pulling out the garment just a little tougher.

When opened, the wraparound garment bag folds out completely, giving you full access to the luggage’s main chamber. A built-in compression system lets you keep your folded clothes all neat and tidy the whole time they’re inside, all while pressing them down to maximize storage space. The compression system is height-adjustable, too, so you can put them to use whether you’re packing a big stack of clothes or just a few items.


The Hook & Albert Black Garment Luggage Carry-On has a 45-liter storage capacity, which should offer enough room to let you pack for all your short trips, providing enough space for a good load of clothes and an extra pair of shoes. A pair of casters on the bottom and a pull handle on top makes it easy to drag around on the ground, while a handle on the side lets you carry it like a briefcase if its contents are light enough.


Dimensions are 22 x 14 x 9 inches (height x width x depth), with the whole thing weighing just 7.8 pounds when empty. Features include top-grain leather accents to give it a premium feel, silver hardware, and a leather name tag to make it easy to spot your bag in a sea of black carry-on luggage. Of course, you can always just slap some Head Case Suitcase on there, in case you want better visibility. We mean, seriously, how can you miss a luggage with that kind of cover wrapped around it?

The Hook & Albert Black Garment Luggage Carry-On is now available for preorder, priced at $517.

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