Hone Type 15 Razor It looks like your first safety razor. With a geometry engineered for maximum balance, however, this thing should deliver a much better shaving experience.


There’s a good chance the Hone Type 15 looks like the very first safety razor you’ve tried shaving with in your youth. It’s deliberately designed to be simple and uncomplicated, after all. With a geometry engineered from scratch to deliver a great shave quality and feel, however, it will probably make for a much better experience than the first time you scraped off facial hair as a teen.

Described as a mild and approachable safety razor, Hone claims it’s the kind of grooming tool you reach for when you need to shave in a jiffy. Whether you want to fast track your grooming because you’re late for work or just need to quickly clean up before receiving guests at the door, this thing will let you quickly obliterate that growth without cuts and irritation.


Hone makes two variants of the Type 15. There’s the original, which is made from CNC-machined raw brass, and Type 15a, which is cut in lightweight anodized aluminum. Both sport a traditional three-piece construction to keep things simple and straightforward, while a high level of balance makes them feel perfectly natural to move around the contours of your face.  While similar, the brass and aluminum aren’t exactly the same, with the latter getting geometry adjustments to compensate for the lighter weight. The brass version also comes in one handle length, 85mm, with the aluminum coming in both 85mm and 100mm options.


Available now, the Hone Type 15 Razor is priced starting at £65.