Hogue EX-T01 Tomahawk Yes, it has a styling more suited for sci-fi movies, but this tomahawk can chop logs, cut rope, and fend off bear attacks with the best of them.


Most tomahawks we see look like actual antiquated weapons – you know, the kind Native Americans and European colonials alike would use during earlier times. Not the Hogue EX-T01, with a build and aesthetic that make it more suited for use as a prop in sci-fi movies, so you can scalp alien heads like a badass from the Old West.

While it looks designed for space cowboys, the darn thing is actually built with survivalists and outdoorsmen in mind, so it will actually be more useful in the backcountry than on an intergalactic journey.  Yes, that means chopping logs, cutting rope, and defending yourself from an angry bear attack, making for a handy blade to have around on your outdoor adventures.


The Hogue EX-T01 measures a little over 14 inches long and weighs just under a pound, courtesy of the skeleton-style head, making it relatively easy to both transport and handle during use. It’s cut in a quarter-inch-thick S7 hardened steel, with a black cerakote finish and a blade that’s honed and sharpened by hand. A wide edge ensures capable chopping power, with a pointed heel and toe for performing penetrating cuts.

A pair of holes on the opposite edge of the blade allow it to be outfitted with accessories like a pry bar, a hammer, and spike to enable versatile function. It comes with a magnetic sheath to keep the blade covered up when not in use, with a paddle allowing to hook it up to a waistband for convenient carry.

Available now, the Hogue EX-T01 is priced at $299.95.

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