Hobie Mirage Eclipse ACX Stand Up Pedal Board Hobie takes a paddleboard, then installs a pedal propulsion system and a handlebar on it, turning it into an elliptical-style recreational watercraft.

Hobie’s pedal-based system for kayaks isn’t new. It’s one of the reasons the outfit’s fans prefer their kayaks over traditional paddle-based rigs. The darn thing just makes getting around the water less tiring. With the Hobie Mirage Eclipse ACX Stand Up Pedal Board, though, they integrated the same propulsion system into something different.

No, this isn’t a kayak. Instead, it’s more like a paddleboard that you ride while standing upright on your feet. Except, it comes with the outfit’s pedal-based propulsion system, so you’re literally pedaling while standing instead of pushing a paddle in the water. Oh yeah, they threw in handlebars, too, so you don’t fall over while you’re paddling, making this one of the stranger recreational watercrafts out there. Like we said, it’s different.

The Hobie Mirage Eclipse ACX Stand Up Pedal Board, basically, looks like a SUP with a handlebar in the middle. Behind it sits a pedal system that uses the outfit’s MirageDrive GT propulsion technology, allowing you to propel the board forward using movements similar to using an elliptical machine in the gym. Yep… it mirrors the same repetitive movements you perform when working on one of the most boring cardio machines of all time, so we don’t know if this is going to be as exciting as Hobie seems to think it will be.

The board measures 12 feet long and just an inch under three feet in the middle, so this is a little wider than your standard paddleboard. According to the outfit, this ensures better stability on the water, while being more maneuverable when using the fingertip steering controls. That’s right, you can control the steering using your fingers. Specifically, you operate steering via the lever in the handlebar, which controls the kick-up rudder in the back. To go to any direction, simply pull the lever that way and it will turn all on its own, with no need to shift weight or do anything else.

The Hobie Mirage Eclipse ACX Stand Up Pedal Board has an adjustable handlebar, so you can raise it or lower it anywhere between 36 and 43 inches to adjust to users of different heights, while EVA deck pads provide a high level of grip to keep you from slipping even when it’s completely wet.  And yes, the deck is soft enough to adequately provide cushion, since you’ll be standing there the whole time. Want to use it as a paddleboard for those times your legs are starting to give out? That’s actually an option. Simply lock the rudder in place using the same finger controls on the handlebar and bust out your paddle for a more conventional way to get around the water.

Features include tie-downs for carrying cargo along, handles on the bow and stern for easily dragging it as needed, and fins that fold against the board whenever it hits obstacles (e.g. you’re in shallow water). Do note, this is a solid board made from a composite material, so you’re going to have to lug its 58-pound frame along when you’re not in the water. It has a weight capacity of 275 pounds.

The Hobie Mirage Eclipse ACX Stand Up Pedal Board is available now, priced at $1,999.

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