HMM Rule/One Pen A pen and ruler combo, HMM's EDC staple just might be the best way to carry both a pen and a ruler every time you head out on the road.


If you carry a pen with you, there’s a good chance you’ll want to have a ruler around, too.  And while carrying each of one separately sounds easy enough, keeping them both in the same place should be even easier with the HMM Rule/One.

Consisting of a pen that docks onto a ruler, the two snap into each other and stay that way when not in use, so there’s no chance you can take the pen while leaving the ruler or vice versa.  Whether you keep it in a pants pocket, drop it inside a field box, or hang it off a lanyard, you can be sure both your pen and ruler will be in the same place the entire time.


Unlike pens with ruler markings on the body, the HMM Rule/One’s components are designed to be separated during use, so you can use the straight edge to draw even lines, instead of being relegated to measuring duties.  It forms a droplet silhouette from side to side, too, making it ideal for use as a bookmark, whether for the Moleskines where you jot down notes or the pop science book you’re finishing.  Construction is milled aluminum for the pen and ruler body, so you can be sure it’s durable enough for the daily grind, with interchangeable heads that allow you to put either a stylus or a lanyard ring in the ballpoint’s place. It uses Uni-ball Signo UMR-85 refills.


Available now, the HMM Rule/One Pen is priced at $60.