Hibear All-Day Adventure Flask This versatile travel bottle can keep drinks cold for 18 hours, all while pulling extra duty as a pour-over brewer, cocktail shaker, and more.

It looks like a regular water bottle. You know, the kind that can maintain your drink’s temperature for the rest of the day, so you can enjoy a sip of your favorite hot and cold beverages on the go. Expect, the Hibear All-Day Adventure Flask is designed to do more than your standard water bottle, allowing you to enjoy a few extra functions when you take it out on your next adventure.

Billed as “the Swiss Army knife of insulated bottles,” the travel bottle won’t just keep your coffee hot and your soda cold, but also let you make cocktails, make pour-over coffee, or cook yourself some cold brew coffee. That’s right, it’s a travel bottle that’s also a cocktail shaker, a pour-over coffee maker, and a cold brewer, allowing you to bring a good chunk of creature comforts when you’re outdoors without bringing any extra gear.

The Hibear All-Day Adventure Flask is a 32-ounce travel bottle that’s fully-insulated on the walls, base, and even the lid, allowing it to maximize the length of time it can maintain your drink’s temperature. It has double-wall stainless steel construction for that powerful vacuum insulation, as well as a thermal rod, which you can keep in the freezer before putting in the bottle for further chilling the water, soda, or juice you’re keeping in the bottle. According to the outfit, the bottle can keep drinks cold for up to 18 hours and hot drinks warm for up to eight hours, making this a better travel bottle to bring along for day hikes and camping. Plus, you can chill the thermal rod in the cooler once it needs to get cool again.

Inside, the bottle actually comes with a smooth glass finish that ensures it won’t retain flavors and smells from whatever drink it previously held, all while being a lot easier to clean than your typical stainless steel bottles. Prefer sipping your drinks from a cup instead of straight from a bottle? The bottom section of the bottle is actually a detachable cup similar to the Camelbak Multibev, so you can just pour the drink into that and enjoy your beverage the same way you usually do at home. More importantly, though, that detachable cup comes in very handy once you start using all the other functions of the bottle.

The Hibear All-Day Adventure Flask can also be used as pour-over brewer. To do this, simply invert the lid and put it in the mouth of the bottle, then put a disposable filter on the inverted lid, fill it with coffee grounds, and pour down your hot water. An included steel filter that fits inside the bottle allows you to use it to make cold brew coffee, hot tea, or infused water, while a cocktail strainer lets you use it as a shaker, so you can play bartender when the sun goes down and you want to enjoy a nightcap before hitting the tent.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Hibear All-Day Adventure Flask. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $69.

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