HexaTraction Board Grip A better alternative to wax and pads, these stick-on pads add serious traction to your surfboard while being light, thin, and non-absorbent.


Whether your surf or paddleboard, chances are, you use either wax or pads to add extra traction to your board. And while both of those work well enough, RSPro thinks they have something better with the HexaTraction, a set of stick-on grips that you can set up on your board in any configuration.

That’s right, no more waxing your board before taking it to the water or putting up with heavy, waterlogged foam pads that cover your board’s gorgeous graphics. Instead, you simply slap the grips on your board once and off you go.


The HexaTraction consists of hexagon-shaped pads that are light, thin, and non-absorbent, ensuring they add traction while being more convenient than any available solutions. Since there’s no wax, there’s no residue to get all over the place and it won’t get waterlogged and heavy like conventional pads. You can place them in any position on your board, too, so you can put the needed traction exactly where you want it, whether it’s on the nose, the deck, or the entire surface. It’s also clear and translucent, so it won’t obscure the custom graphics on your favorite board, with built-in UV protection to help preserve your equipment.


Each box comes with 18 hexagons, four half hexagons, and a shape template to make installation easier. According to RSPro, you’ll need between 1 to 3 kits depending on the kind of board you’re using and how much of it you want to cover, so keep that in mind when ordering.

Available now, the HexaTraction is priced at $66 a box.