Henty CoPilot Travel Bag This tube-shaped bag lets you carry a suit while keeping it freshly-pressed, so you can commute to work in more comfortable threads.


It look like an erstwhile conventional tube-shaped duffel. However, there’s nothing conventional about the Henty CoPilot, a tube-shaped bag that lets you carry a suit while keeping it unfolded and crease-free all throughout the way.

How? By keeping the suit in a semi-rigid second bag that wraps around the inner bag, allowing you to carry business suits and other formal wear while keeping it sharply pressed. Whether you’re traveling out of state for a weekend or commuting on a bicycle, this thing lets you keep a proper suit on your bag, so you can dress in more comfortable clothes while making your way to the destination.


The Henty CoPilot consists of two bags: a suit bag that wraps around the main bag and a tubular main bag. The former comes with either one strap (duffel-style) or two (backpack-style), while latter comes in four options: a tube duffel, a dry bag, a gym bag, or a backpack, so you can get exactly the kind of bag you prefer. Both bags can be used separately, of course, although they were designed to function as a singular unit that lets you carry your usual gear with a cleanly-pressed suit in tow.


Both outer bag options come with integrated laptop pockets, as well as a hook on top for hanging conveniently once you get to the hotel. All inner bags, on the other hand, come with 20-liter main compartments, with a varying selection of purpose-designed smaller compartments.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Henty CoPilot. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $169.

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