Headsweats Bigfoot Peekaboo Trucker Hat If you're wearing a trucker hat while trail running, it might as well be one that features Bigfoot in all his mythical, monstrous glory.


We’re not entirely sure how or when it happened. Somehow, someway, the trucker hat evolved into a favored headwear during trail runs to the point that North Face released a “technical trucker hat” last spring. Since trucker hats have long been the canvas for pop culture irony and promotional cheesiness, what better character could grace your trail running headwear than the mythical Bigfoot that lives somewhere in the North American forests? That’s exactly what Headsweats bring with their Bigfoot Peekaboo Trucker Hat.

Not just any print of Bigfoot either. Instead, this hat gets an extra-thick embroidered creature on the left side of the front panel, ensuring it stands out despite the colorful forest background, along with a cheesy line printed to complete the classic trucker hat aesthetic. And, yes, you can pretend to just wear it ironically (even though you really believe Bigfoot is out there somewhere).


The Headweats Bigfoot Peekaboo Trucket Hat comes in a traditional five-panel styling just like the ubiquitous promotional headwear. Since it’s built for running, it’s done up a bit more technical than your usual trucker, turning out a hat that’s lightweight, breathable, and quick-drying to ensure it doesn’t get in the way. Instead of regular mesh, the hat is made from the outfit’s proprietary Eventure fabrics, which include a woven shell, a knit-wrapped terry sweatband, and a stretch sandwich mesh back. A snap back closure completes the traditional trucker hat ensemble.


Available now, the Headsweats Bigfoot Peekaboo Trucker Hat is priced at $25.