HDX 10-in-1 Plumber’s Multi-Tool Designed for non-plumbers, this tool puts some basic plumbing tools in one rig, so you can be ready to DIY that sink and faucet when the need arises.

Most plumbers should have all the tools they need to work on pipes, valves, and tanks, which is why we don’t see them ever needing a plumber-focused multi-tool. The rest of us, on the other hand, who don’t have a reason to own all that many plumbing tools should benefit from something like the HDX 10-in-1 Plumber’s Multi-Tool.

Designed to bundle popular plumbing tools in one rig, the contraption covers some of the more important functions you will need when working under the sink, in the basement, or wherever else plumbing lines run around your house. Does this have all the tools you need to do plumbing work? Absolutely not, but adding this to your toolbox should spare you from having to purchase a bunch of individual tools that you might only end up using during those few times you actually work on the plumbing in your home.

The HDX 10-in-1 Plumber’s Multi-Tool’s primary function lies in the cutting pliers, which are designed to make quick work of slicing through PVC pipes up to half an inch thick. That means, you can cut up pipes in one swift motion, which should save you plenty of time, compared to running a saw through the pipe back and forth. A rubberized grip on the handles ensures you can grab a strong hold while forcing its jaw to close down on the pipe, even in situations where your hands are wet from all the water leaking.

There’s a fold-out flashlight for illuminating those dark areas under the sink and behind the cabinet, with the LEDs powered using four included button cell batteries. And yes, the batteries are completely replaceable. A deburring tool is also included to make it easy to remove rough and sharp edges on holes and pipes, as well as a pair of faucet seat wrenches (one hex and one square), which are great additions, since most people aren’t likely to have the right tools at home for easily removing and replacing those parts of their faucets, especially when they are stuck.

The HDX 10-in-1 Plumber’s Multi-Tool also comes with a knife, so you don’t have to reach for your everyday pocket slicer when you need to do some casual cutting and slicing, as well as a saw for cutting through thicker pipes than the cutting pliers can handle. Like every proper multi-tool, there are a pair of screwdrivers, one Phillips and one flat head, which should come handy when you need to fasten any of the pipes onto walls to secure them.

Lastly, they threw in a ruler, so you can do measurements first before calling in your order for supplies at the hardware store, since there’s nothing more than annoying than getting in the mood to do DIY work, only to find out you got the wrong sizes of materials for your plumbing system. Each multi-tool comes with a carrying pouch to keep the whole thing neatly tucked away when not in use.

Want one? The HDX 10-in-1 Plumber’s Multi-Tool is available now.

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