Haven Tent This clever hammock tent is designed to stay level at all times, giving you a perfectly flat floor to comfortably sleep on.


Hammock tents are great, as they give you safe shelter in the outdoors that’s elevated from the cold ground and all the bugs crawling in it. Problem is, most hanging tents just can’t replicate the flat floor of a conventional tent, making them a little tougher to sleep on and get comfortable in. Heck, some people even use a special mattress to provide somewhat flat back support. That’s not the case with the Haven Tent.

Billed as a hammock tent that “makes sleep the highlight of camping,” it boasts a perfectly flat sleeping platform that enables sound and peaceful rest, regardless of your preferred sleeping posture. Whether you sleep flat on your back, on your side, or down on your stomach, this thing claims it will keep the flat form, allowing you to sleep with the same comfort that you do on flat and even ground.


The Haven Tent is a hammock tent that’s shaped more like a boat than your usual suspended shelter. Well, a boat with a perfectly flat hull anyway to facilitate the comfortable sleep that it supposedly delivers. To achieve this, it uses spreader bars at each end of the shelter to eliminate any pressure on the sides and suspension arcs on the sidewalls, which, according to its creators, help the floor lay as flat as a pancake. Instead of hanging each end of the hammock tent to a tree, the entire hangs on a structural ridgeline, which is the one connected to fixed structures like trees and posts.  Doing this ensures the rig retains its shape, regardless of how far apart the trees are. That means, you don’t have to find the perfect spot to set up – this thing can pitch exactly the way it was intended, so long as there are two trees you can hang it in.

That ridgeline, by the way, also doubles as a potential storage area. You can, for instance, hang your food in there to keep it away from animals, as well as dry your wet clothes, hang your camp lanterns, and stash your gear at an elevated location.


The Haven Tent comes with the outfit’s air mattress, which is perfectly sized to take up the entire floor area of the tent, allowing you to lay down in a soft bed while suspended in the air. A built-in foot pump allows you to inflate the mattress without carrying any extra gear, all while fully inflating it in just 60 seconds. According to the outfit, it can sleep any individual up to 6’6” tall and weighing 280 pounds, so it should accommodate most campers.


Each hammock tent comes with a bug net and a rainfly, both of which you can bring along to your adventure or leave at home, so you only need to pack what the situation requires, as well as four guy lines and a nine-foot long tree strap. Construction, by the way, is high-tensile ripstop PU-coated nylon for the shell and rainfly, while the mattress is cut in 20D nylon.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Haven Tent. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $285.

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