Harbor Metal Aviation Storage Trolley Ever took a plane ride and wished you can have one of those bar carts the flight attendant is pushing waiting at home? These guys got you covered.


When you first started flying, you sometimes pass time checking out the cute flight attendants. Once you got used to flying, you got tired of that, so you started checking out their trolleys and its badass collection of snacks and alcohol bottles. After flying some more, you began to want one of those trolleys that you can fill with snacks and libations for dragging around at home. And now, the desire is imminent. You want one. Fortunately, Harbor Metal has you covered with their Aviation Storage Trolleys.

That’s right, you can own the same bar carts flight attendants push around the airplane aisle. Whether you live inside an airplane-themed house (hey, we don’t judge), enjoy enacting kinky flight attendant fantasies with the wife, or just want a dedicated bar cart you can retreat to late in the night, this thing should do the trick.


The Harbor Metal Aviation Storage Trolley measures 40.75 x 12 x 16 inches (h x w x d) and can hold up to 250 pounds of contents. As you can imagine, that’s a whole lot of booze and snacks, so you can keep a well-stocked mini-bar with this thing in tow. It comes bare inside, with the facility to easily add shelves (up to 16 levels) and drawers (up to 8 levels), so you can equip it totally according to your liking. A total of 23 styles are available, all of them with the same basic dimensions and stainless steel frame, albeit with different materials and finishes for the rest of the box. You can also request custom carts, although it will cost a bit more.


Pricing for the Harbor Metal Aviation Storage Trolley starts at $900.