H20 Ninja Snorkeling Mask A full-face snorkeling mask, the H20 Ninja lets you enjoy underwater sights while breathing the way you normally do on land.


Snorkeling? Lots of fun. Breathing through a tube in your mouth? Not so much. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way if you take to the water wearing the H20 Ninja Mask.

An alternative to the usual goggles and snorkel combo, it’s a full face mask with an integrated breathing tube, allowing you to enjoy the sights underwater while breathing normally through your nose and mouth. No more chewing on a piece of plastic while swallowing saltwater every few minutes, allowing you to focus your attention on what actually matters.


The H20 Ninja Mask has a clear mask, ensuring you get full view of the surrounding sights, with anti-fog treatment to ensure you will never have to waste time wiping it off at any time during a snorkeling session. It’s designed to wear tight, with no leakage, so no water can come through, regardless of how much time you spend in the water. Do note, you’ll need to pick up exactly the right size for your face, so they provide a strict sizing guide on the website (basically, you need to measure the distance from your nose bridge to the bottom of your chin).


A detachable snorkel enables easy storage for the rig, with an optional mount letting you attach a GoPro to the top of the mask, so you can record marine life up close.  Do note, the mask is strictly for snorkeling and isn’t likely to hold up for activities further below the surface, like free diving and spear fishing.

Available now, the H20 Ninja Mask is priced starting at $144.99.