Gregory Covert Overnight Mission This oversized briefcase can be used for daily work essentials, all while doubling as a travel bag for sudden overnight business trips.


We’re big fans of using briefcases to level up your professional aesthetic in the office. Usually, that’s their effect. With the Gregory Covert Overnight Mission, though, you look more like a covert operative carrying out a nefarious mission, which, we guess, is still better than looking like a college kid when you go to work with a backpack.

A bigger-than-usual briefcase, it’s a bag originally designed for the Tokyo and Yokohama markets, where its large size and multiple compartments allowed office workers to commute with a large amount of stash. Seriously, this thing is big enough to carry your laptop, office gear, and even an extra day’s worth of clothes, so you can pull an all-nighter at the office and still look dapper when everybody else comes in the next morning. Yes, you’ll look very dapper while you slobber on your desk around an hour before noon.


The Gregory Covert Overnight Mission is a 22-liter briefcase, with a clamshell-style main compartment that you can use to easily layout any clothes or gear, complete with multiple interior compartments for better organization. There’s a large designated laptop sleeve that should accommodate all but the largest gaming laptops, with exterior pockets that are big enough to fit clothes, shoes, and even your dopp kit, so you can look like you even showered in the morning. From what we can tell, the outfit is recommending this as an overnight travel bag – you know, for those business trips that has you coming to another city for a day, then heading back home the next. It’s certainly seems more convenient than an actual suitcase.

Having been made by a company that specializes in backcountry packs, we imagine this thing comes with a durable build. While there are no specific notes on the product page for its rugged capabilities, that’s certainly the vibe we’re getting with just one look at that burly thing. We mean, it looks like you can carry state secrets, a homemade bomb, and even a biological agent in this thing.


While designed to carry like a really heavy briefcase, the Gregory Covert Overnight Mission also comes with stowable backpack straps that you can use to carry it on your shoulders to better distribute the weight, along with a removable shoulder strap for carrying it over-the-shoulder. That way, you can opt to carry it by hand during lighter days and throw it on your back for those times the thing is filled to the brim. All the zippers come with long pull tabs, too, so while you may struggle carrying the thing, you’ll at least have an easy time opening and closing its multiple compartments.


Truth be told, this doesn’t look exactly the same as the original briefcase that became popular in Japan, with different exterior pocket layouts immediately grabbing our attention. We’re guessing they changed some of the design elements to make the bag more useful for Western users, which should be a good thing.

The Gregory Covert Overnight Mission is available now, priced at $240.

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