Greats Foster Slipper This stylish slip-on combines a puffer-style quilted upper with a cushioned footbed and an open rear for complete work-from-home comfort.

Remember when you started working from home and you would still dress up to make the workday feel official? It’s a great way to distinguish between office hours and regular hours when you’re stuck in the same place all day. Problem is, it’s just so much more comfortable to work in your home clothes, so it’s really tempting to just stop the charade and log on the office server wearing your pajamas. If you really, really don’t want to do that, maybe you can make yourself just a little more comfortable by ditching those formal shoes and spending the workday wearing the Greats Foster Slipper instead.

Designed specifically for the work-from-home crowd, the slip-ons will keep your toes toasty without constricting the rest of your feet, all while being easy to slip out of to give your feet their full freedom. Plus, it looks nice enough that it will still work well even if you’re wearing work clothes, so you can leave the house to grab some snacks at the neighborhood bodega without bothering to put on a different pair of shoes.

The Greats Foster Slipper has a cozy, quilted upper that’s cut in fishnets and carpets, along with a mesh lining, so it will be gentle on your feet whether you rock it with socks or without. They did up the upper in a style similar to puffer jackets, which, the outfit claims, will keep your toes warm and toasty enough even in the onset of colder weather later in the year. Just make sure you wear socks to really lock the heat in. According to the outfit, both the fishnets and carpets used in the footwear are all recycled, while the mesh lining are cut in recycled plastic bottles, so this fully embraces sustainability, in case you care about those things in your purchases.

They pair that upper with a cushioned footbed that’s wrapped in soft leather, so the bottom of your feet will be comfortably cradled, whether you keep your foot planted when working on your desk, walk slowly to the kitchen to grab a drink from the fridge, or run up to the toilet because that lunch you ordered from UberEats just isn’t playing nice with your system. Underneath, it gets a 100 percent natural rubber outsole that, the outfit claims, is durable enough for wearing both indoor and outdoor.

The Greats Foster Slipper looks really nice, with a style that can go with sweatpants, jeans, and even a pair of athletic shorts that you usually wear to the gym. Heck, you can even get away wearing this with a pair of dress pants (specifically the black one), especially if you’re just heading out to run a couple of brief errands. It comes in just two colors – green/tan and all-black.

According to the outfit, the Greats Foster Slipper runs a full size smaller, so make sure to order one size up if you’re picking up a pair. It’s now available for preorder, with a December 10 ship date, priced at $99.

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