Goruck Jedburgh Rucking Boots Goruck's newest boot takes their MacV-1 platform and covers it in a canvas-like upper that's perfect for a casual style in urban environments.

Goruck may be best known for their GR1 backpack, which consistently figures on the top lists of the most rugged bags you can get, but they actually make a good load of stuff, including shoes, apparel, and all sorts of training gear. In fact, they make some of the best adventure boots out there with the MacV-1 line. The Goruck Jedburgh Rucking Boots takes that popular trail boot platform and gives it a canvas-like upper for more seamlessly integrating with your everyday outfits.

That’s right, they took the hiking-friendly MacV-1 and covered it in a canvas-like material, making it look and feel more like an everyday sneaker for your urban adventures. Basically, you get the same support, grip, and stability as their standard hikers while pairing a whole lot nicely with the rest of your city outfits.

The Goruck Jedburgh trades in the leather and Cordura nylon of the standard MacV-1 for an upper cut in Deception Canvas, a material that, as it turns out, isn’t actually canvas. Instead, it’s a recycled polyester that’s woven tightly to create a vintage canvas appearance, making it look as casual as a pair of Chuck Taylors or Jack Purcells. It does that while exhibiting three times greater tear strength and being more abrasion-resistant than traditional canvas, so it can still handle the roughhousing shoes are bound to experience on the trail, despite its streetwear-friendly aesthetic.

When submerged in water, it also dries five times faster than traditional canvas, without a single drop seeping inside, so you don’t get your feet wet. According to the outfit, the upper material also develops a rich patina over time like regular canvas, so it develops its own unique character over time, all while retaining its shape, regardless of how much wear you put on it.

The Goruck Jedburgh has a custom compression insert that supports the foot from heel to toe, complete with a contoured arch that cradles your foot with every stride, while a wide toe box gives plenty of room out front to reduce friction through the most difficult hikes. There’s a two-inch ankle webbing sewn into the heel counter for better stability and support in uneven ground, as well as a 13mm offset that, the outfit claims, is the ideal heel-to-toe drop for hikes and walks, as it reduces the strain on the Achilles while accommodating a natural gait for use around urban terrain.

The same lightweight EVA midsole found in the MacV-1 makes its way here, along with the same high-traction rubber outsole, so it should exhibit the same qualities that have made those Goruck boots a trusted companion for many outdoor adventures. That outsole, by the way, uses a dual-compound rubber construction that, the outfit claims, will offer excellent grip on both wet and muddy surfaces, with the forefoot getting covered in rubber that’s tailored for maximum grip and the heel area in one that’s optimized for durability and abrasion resistance.

The Goruck Jedburgh Rucking Boots are available in two colors, black and coyote. Price is $175.

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