GoPro Zeus Mini Clip Light GoPro made a fill light you can clip to their action cam mounts, all while doubling as a work light for doing tasks in low-light spaces.

At first, we though the GoPro Zeus Mini is a fill light to help illuminate the frame when shooting with your action cam. While it will probably work for that, the outfit doesn’t appear to be marketing it as such. Instead, they’re touting it as a versatile work light – one you can use to get tasks done in low-light conditions.

Of course, it can very well function as a fill light. It’s equipped with a clip that, the outfit claims, should be compatible with most any type of GoPro mount, allowing you to put it right next to the action cam, whether you’ve got it mounted on your head, your protective headwear, or your bicycle’s handlebars. So yeah, you should be able to finally illuminate your GoPro footage with a GoPro-branded light, in case that’s something you find interesting.

The GoPro Zeus Mini’s built-in clip, of course, allow it to mount to a whole load of other things. You can clip it to your hat, for instance, to use it as a headlight while exploring a dark dungeon, as well as clip it to your backpack strap when you need the extra light while cleaning your knife in camp at night. Aside from the clip, it also has a magnetic surface that lets you easily attach it to ferromagnetic materials, making it viable for use in many tasks both at home and in the garage. That’s right, you can keep this in your glove compartment for use as a work light on the road.

Once mounted using either the clip or the magnet, the LED can be moved along a 360-degree swivel and (from the looks of it) tilted at various angles, so you can adjust the light’s direction to illuminate directly whatever item you’re working on. Since it’s meant for use in action shoots and actual handyman work, GoPro claims it’s built tough, complete with waterproofing up to 33 feet.

The GoPro Zeus Mini has a maximum brightness of 200 lumens, which should be enough to illuminate most low-light tasks you’re going to engage in, although not quite as bright as many compact camera-specific lighting products out there. It comes with a diffuser that delivers a fixed 5000K color temperature (5700K without the diffuser), which, the outfit claims, is ideally-tuned for illuminating scenes whenever you’re shooting with GoPro action cams. Four brightness settings are available: 200 lumens, 125 lumens, 60 lumens, and 20 lumens, allowing you to use just enough light as you need to get any task done. For those planning to use it for outdoor adventures, it also has a strobe mode that you can use for signaling and visibility when you need assistance.

According to GoPro, the onboard battery should hold enough to charge to keep it running at 125 lumens for up to 60 minutes and 20 lumens at up to six hours. We know, that doesn’t sound much if you plan to bring this outdoors, so it’s probably best to keep this for home and automotive tasks (unless, of course, you carry power banks regularly).

The GoPro Zeus Mini is priced at $69.99.

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