GolfKicks These cleats can screw into the outsole of any shoe, turning it into functional golf shoes for proper stability and traction in the green.

If you’re going to play 18 holes at the local golf course, you want a pair of shoes that can provide stability and traction on the green. It’s a worthy purchase if you play regularly, but not so much if you only go to the course to play with your uncle once a year. If you’d rather not buy a proper pair of golf shoes for those few times you actually visit a golf course, you might want to check out the GolfKicks, a set of cleats you can install one by one onto any ordinary shoe.

That’s right, you can turn any shoes you have in the closet into functional golf shoes by putting spikes in them. No, this isn’t a temporary solution, as you’ll actually be making incisions into the outsole and sticking the cleats inside them. While you can always remove the spikes to use it as normal shoes, those holes should be permanent, making it look like you used your shoes to walk across a field of nails and broken glass.  Which, when we think about it, doesn’t sound that bad at all.

The GolfKicks are individual cleats with a metal core and a rubber exterior, so these things should hold up to any challenges they encounter in the golf course. According to the outfit, they have a soft feel on the underfoot, so you won’t feel like you’re walking on a bed of sharp pebbles while making your way from one hole to another. Do note, you’ll have to use it in shoes with outsoles that measure at least a third of an inch in thickness (the thicker, the better) to ensure the 7mm threaded screws don’t burrow holes into the midsole, which will probably make things very uncomfortable.

According to the outfit, it’s best installed on flat soles, since more complex outsole surfaces (like those with deep threads) will make it a bit more difficult to install. You can, of course, put it in any shoe, just expect to have a more challenging time. They also recommend shoes with harder rubber outsoles, as the cleats could easily fall out when used in spongy soles.

To install the GolfKicks, simply stick it into the outsole and start turning clockwise until the whole thing is inserted all the way through. Each set comes with drill bit, in case you want to use a screwdriver or power drill to put it in a bit faster. Because they are screwed into the sole in a clockwise manner, making counter-clockwise movements with your feet will occasionally cause one or more cleats to loosen. You can simply tighten those back up. Alternatively, the outfit recommends adding some glue to the screw before putting it in to hold it in place (makes it permanent, though, so you can’t use the shoes elsewhere).

The outfit recommends installing either six or eight cleats on each shoe, depending on which one you feel more comfortable walking on. Heck, you can even put 10 on each one, since each set includes 20 cleats.

The GolfKicks are available now.

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