GilletteLabs Heated Razor The closest you'll get to a hot towel shave at home, this razor heats up your facial hair before running the blade over it.


Yes, you can shave with nothing more than some lubricant and a razor blade at home. If you want to make mowing your face feel more refreshing, apart from getting a cleaner and closer shave, though, you go to a barber for the hot towel treatment. Last year, the Gillette Labs crowdfunded a razor that can simulate a hot towel shave at home. Turns out, it was successful enough that they’re making it a regular product in the form of the GilletteLabs Heated Razor.

A shaving razor with a heating element, it delivers warm temperature to your skin at the push of a button, softening up your facial hair to better prepare it for a close and comfortable shave. While we doubt it will deliver anywhere near the comfort of warm towels on your face and a sharp straight razor, this is as close as you’ll probably get to the experience while keeping it as convenient as your daily morning shave.


The GilletteLabs Heated Razor is a manual shaving razor with refillable blade cartridges, similar to other razors in Gillette’s regular line. Specifically, it uses a five-bladed cartridge that’s unique to this razor, which, the outfit claims, is the right amount to ensure a comfortable shave, all while integrating the outfit’s FlexDisc technology, allowing the cartridge to keep in constant contact with your skin as you run it through your face’s contours. And yes, the cartridge is designed to turn correctly, regardless of which direction you shave, so there’s no need to shave a specific way – it will work correctly each time. Unlike regular cartridges, however, there’s a warming bar below the blades in the cartridge that heats up any hair before the razor glides over them, prepping them for the eventual contact with blades’ sharp edges.


It comes with two heat settings, 43 degrees and 50 degrees Celsius, giving you a chance to choose what temperature you’re most comfortable with during shaving. Built-in sensors on the razor constantly monitor the temperature on the warming bar, automatically making adjustments to keep them at the same level the whole time you’re pressing the button. Do note, you’ll still have to use a shaving cream to ensure the cleanest, closest, and most comfortable shave, so you’re whole shaving process stays, pretty much, the same, albeit with the benefit of some extra heat to move it along more smoothly.


The GilletteLabs Heated Razor is, of course, fully waterproof, so you can use it for wet shaves, whether in the sink or in the shower, while the built-in battery holds enough power to give you up to six shaves between charges. It comes with a magnetic charging disc that also doubles as its display stand, allowing you to charge the razor’s battery every time you put it away, so you likely won’t even have to worry about losing charge, unless the disc’s plug gets pulled out of the socket accidentally.

The GilletteLabs Heated Razor is sold for $200. You can also opt for a subscription package to regularly get cartridge refills, which costs $25 for a four-pack. And yes, you’ll want to get refills as a subscription, since these aren’t likely to show up at your neighborhood convenience store.

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