Gerber Terracraft Designed to focus on “quality, affordability, and local ingenuity,” this USA-made fixed knife makes itself handy in the outdoors.

There was a time when Gerber made all their knives and multi-tools in the US. While they still make roughly 20 percent of their products stateside, they’ve since moved the rest of their production in overseas locations, which, we guess, is necessary to keep up with the increasing use of foreign suppliers in the knives and tools industry. Over the last couple decades, however, a handful of boutique knife makers have descended upon the scene, prioritizing quality and local craftsmanship, regardless of how much more expensive it makes their products. With the Gerber Terracraft, the outfit is going back to their roots and embracing those exact same values.

The inaugural model in the outfit’s Gerber Reserve line, the knife showcases the collection’s focus on “quality, affordability, and local ingenuity.” And yes, it’s meant as a boutique collection that’s available directly from the outfit and nowhere else, so there’s also an exclusivity there that might entice some of the more serious collectors out there.

The Gerber Terracraft is a fixed blade knife that’s designed for use in your outdoor adventures. Measuring nine inches from end to end, it’s a great knife to have when camping, hiking, and engaging in various backcountry activities, with a blade-and-handle combo that’s big enough to perform various survival tasks, all while being considerably more compact compared to many survival knives out there. The blade, by the way, is made from a thick slab of S30V steel with a full-tang build, so this will be strong enough to handle even the more challenging cutting and slicing tasks in the outdoors.

Need to cut branches and sticks to fuel your campfire or survival stove? This thing should do that without breaking a sweat (mostly because knives don’t sweat, but still). Want to build a makeshift shelter when you stray out too far from camp and need to spend the night somewhere else instead? Yep, this should handle that, too. Of course, we’re assuming you know how to build a ragtag shelter from scratch, but the blade should help you accomplish just that.

The Gerber Terracraft pairs that extra-thick blade with machined G10 scales on the handle, which are shaped to provide proper support in a variety of grips, allowing you to hold it like a bat for cutting hard stuff, hold it with an upturned hand for scraping, and grip it with your index finger on top for precision slicing (like when prepping dinner). And yes, that same handle is meant to be perfectly comfortable while you hold it in hand.

It has a spine that’s bee hand-sanded to a 90-degree edge for use as a fire-starting surface, as well as a pommel that, the outfit claims, is ready to be used as a hammer. Yes, we have no idea why you would want to use a knife pommel as a hammer, either, but those want to do it should be able to. Other features include through holes on the handle for lashing and an include sheath made from American leather.

The Gerber Terracraft is available now, priced at $150.

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