GentleTent GT Pickup Designed for double cab pickups, this inflatable rooftop tent adds a veritable camper on your truck that you can deploy at any time.

When collapsed, the Gentletent GT Pickup looks like any inflatable rooftop tent that will give you a functional shelter right on the roof of your car. And it will do exactly that. Except, it’s been custom-designed for use on pickups, so it pitches a living space not on just on the roof but on the entire truck bed, too, allowing it to tack on a camper-like cabin onto your ride.

That’s right, this thing won’t just add a rooftop tent to your truck, it will turn the entire truck bed into a sheltered space, too. That way, you can use the truck bed as a lounge, a dining area, or a kitchen, as needed, all while still having the rooftop structure as sleeping quarters. All that without having to install one of those large and heavy campers on your truck.

The GentleTent GT Pickup is an inflatable tent cabin that’s designed to fit any make and model of double cab pickup in the market with bed lengths up to 63 inches. When collapsed, the entire thing bundles into a box on your roof rack no more than seven inches thick, so you can have yourself a camper-like shelter that’s ready to deploy at any time while driving your truck like normal. Do note, it weighs 62 pounds, so it does add a fair amount of weight to your roof, which, we’re guessing, shouldn’t be an issue, considering how much of a utility it delivers.

When deployed, the shelter pitches a tent cabin that extends from the tail end of the truck bed all the way to over your windshield, giving you plenty of covered room wherever you decide to go car camping. It has an interior standing of over 7 feet on the truck bed, so you can prep your gear, cook food, or change your clothes standing. Heck, you can stack gear inside the cabin and it won’t be a problem, either. Suffice to say, all that space inside the tent walls makes things a whole lot more convenient.

The GentleTent GT Pickup is equipped with multiple vent openings to allow air to circulate inside the shelter, with mesh fabric on the windows and other openings to keep all the bugs and tiny critters away. The tent itself is made from a polyester cotton blend that’s breathable enough to keep the tent cool during hot weather, while being waterproof, so moisture isn’t able to go through when you’re stuck in inclement weather. It’s also wind-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about the tent flying off on stormy days, while the air tubes are made using a tube-in-tube system, so they’re very hard to damage.

Other features include a drop-stitch base for the rooftop sleeping area (making it firm enough to lie down on), aluminum hardware for mounting on the roof rack, a 12V electric pump, an optional awning, and a telescoping ladder that can be folded and stored inside the tent box during transport. Do note, they recommend storing the ladder somewhere else, so you can use it when deploying the tent, which actually makes sense.

The GentleTent GT Pickup is available now, priced at $4,292.99.

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